How Trust The Grind Started

How Trust The Grind Started

In this episode, Steve talks about his journey in creating the Trust The Grind brand. Some topics that are covered in this episode: 

  • What lead to Steve creating the Plan Dope Sh*t daily planner 
  • Explore the phrases of designing, production, and launching the planner and brand 
  • How Steve overcame self-doubt and fear to launch the brand 
  • The digital advertising hurdles the brand faced that lead to a name change 
  • Why Trust The Grind podcast was created 
  • How do Steve and Alec know each other 
  • The fun in growing both a business and podcast at the same time 
  • Lessons learned while growing this brand and where we see ourselves going forward 

Ps. We are so grateful for your support. Thank you!

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