Jessie Bearden

Jessie Bearden

In this episode, Alec and Steve interview the extremely talented Jessie Bearden. Jessie is an phenomenal artist that creates art using unorthodox materials influenced by pop culture. These unorthodox materials can range from food, sports equipment, plants you name it she’s probably worked with it.

Jessie has collaborated with ESPN, McDonald's, American Express, The Gap and many others. She was also a finalist on NBC’s Making It Season 2 with Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. Jessie’s artwork is unreal and every piece is very unique. Alec and Steve had a great time getting to know Jessie and diving into her creative process, inspirations and how she overcame her struggles along the way.

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Hosted by Alec Martucci and Steve Ecker 
Audio editing by Noa Martucci 


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