Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney is the owner and founder of MTB Fitness, a Mountain Bike Fitness Program. Matt started out his journey as a personal trainer. Matt realized there wasn’t mountain biking training for the everyday rider. Everything out was tailored to professional riders.  

He put his personal training knowledge to the test and created the MTB Fitness program. The 12-week program has been a massive success and is recommended by the British Heart Foundation. MTB Fitness helps your everyday mountain biker get fitter, faster, and stronger on the bike. 

Since the launch, MTB Fitness grown to 300k followers on Facebook, a popular podcast with over 125k downloads, a Facebook group with 26k members, is officially endorsed by the British Heart Foundation. What Matt is most proud of is that MTB Fitness has helped several thousand customers spanning 57 countries, with the training Programmes and Nutrition guide. Matt is on a mission to help as many riders as possible improve their fitness, recovery, nutrition, and mindset so they can enjoy mountain biking even more. 

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