The Eskimo Sisters

The Eskimo Sisters

Who are the Eskimo sisters? Well, it’s Kendall James and Lily Drew who are writers, actors, and producers. Kendall and Lily started out with raunchy comedy sketches, usually about female reproductive health and one night stands. However, the Eskimo sisters have grown to be much more than edgy comedy sketches. 

The Eskimo sisters have a TV pilot called “Love not Likes”, they’ve written a script with the legend Nicolas Cage, and just booked a movie deal. The Eskimo sisters are also launching a podcast called Do It For The Story. In this interview, we explore how Kendall and Lily are gaining credibility in Hollywood, their writing process, how they continue to evolve the Eskimo sisters brand.

Lily and Kendall have an abundance of determination that’s going to take them far. They certainly walk the walk and the Eskimo Sisters are bound to take off. 

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