I was pissed at myself for working a job that I hated and doing work I didn’t care about. I was broken working my corporate 9-5 job when I began to search for answers for deeper meaning in my life. I went down the rabbit hole of self-development and consistently found that writing and keeping a daily planner help people get their sh*t together, which I desperately needed.

I bought a few planners and none of them seemed to work for me. I thought it was me, but every planner I used seemed to be missing something I wanted. A simple idea came to me, why don’t I just create a planner I want to use?

Plan Dope Sh*t was created. 

After two years in the making and countless designs, I am excited to present to you Plan Dope Sh*t. This planner has changed my perspective on life and I know it’ll do the same for you. 

I hit up my boy Eddie from high school who works at a Dunder Mifflin joint and he got the ball rolling to get these puppies printed. 

My days are simply better when I fill in Plan Dope Sh*t because I have a clearer mind and know exactly what to focus on for the day. If I want to be productive, I plan out what I want to accomplish. If I am going to bottomless brunch, I write out the energy and vibe I want to project. 

My mission is to create work that helps people get their sh*t together while giving back.

By purchasing Plan Dope Sh*t, you are helping a kid create dope sh*t. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to Art Start, a non-profit organization based in NYCArt Start hosts various workshops empowering our youth through art.

As soon as I found Art Start, I knew this would be the organization I wanted to support. We all are creative by nature, and I love that Art Start provides a space for kids to channel creativity. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the freedom that art can provide.

-Steve Ecker-

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