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Count Your Blessings Notepad

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"I am obsessed with the notepad. It's so simple and easy to use."


-Katie L

"I love the structure of the planner. It's not just empty pages or a calendar." 


-Kevin E

"The notepad has been awesome for my routine. Perfect for quick reflection and intention setting." 


-Rachel P

"This planner assisted me personally in my steps forward in life."


-Anthony Q

"Everything about this planner so cool. The color, the print, the design. I absolutely love it." 


-Sandra H

Plan Dope Sh*t is super functional as a planner and inspirational without being cheesy. Its the perfect journal for people who aren’t journal people.


-Elizabeth J

A very creative and fun way to stay organized. Highly recommended.


-Oliver T

This planner is great for not only keeping track of your daily to-dos but also for keeping your mental health on track.


Gabriel C

I look forward to the daily question of the day with Count Your Blessings.


-Pamela D


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